HM500 Wood Hammer Mill


500-600 hammer mill

Technical Parameter of WHIR-HM500 Hammer Mill

Model Power Capacity Packaging Size Weight
WHIR-HM500-28 11kw 600-800kg/h 1180*780*1130mm 300kg
WHIR-HM500-40 22kw 1000kg/h 1152*590*1090mm 285kg
WHIR-HM500-50 30kw 1500kg/h 1200*630*1150mm 400kg
WHIR-HM500-60 45kw 2000kg/h 1250*650*1200mm 500kg

What is Hammer Mill?


A hammer mill is a machine whose purpose is to grind, pulverize, and crush a wide range of materials into smaller size. The materials are shattered and disintegrated by the hammer mill employing a series of hammer blades. The size of final crushed materials dependent upon:
▷ Openings in perforated screens
▷ Number, size and type of hammers
▷ Grinding plate setting
▷ Rotor speed
The Main Structures of Hammer Mill
as the main moving part of the hammer mill, it includes main shaft, frame plates, hammer plates and bearings and can run at a high speed. The dynamic balance inspection should be done before installing the hammer plates.
aligned hammer flakes in the grinding chamber can be used in a recycling way since one corner of the hammer is worn out and the other one can be applied. However, all hammer flakes should be adjusted once being changed to a different corner.
it is always a necessary device in wood hammer mill, it removes powdery particles from air steam though vortex separation without filters. The main advantage of cyclone is to reduce the dust content in air to protect your lungs and breathing system. Besides, it is used for directly collecting the crushed materials, convenient for further processing.




Kindly Reminder on Running a Hammer Mill
☆ Adjust and maintain the hammer mill following the operation manual before start. Inspect carefully each fastening parts to ensure the tightening and the rotation direction should be the same with the one it supposed to be.
☆ Keep hands away from the feeding inlet during operation. Forced feeding should be forbidden during feeding inlet blocking.
☆ During the process of operating, the operator mustn’t close to the machine in case of hurting by hard things beaten out of the feeder.
☆ Hard objects such as metal or stone are forbidden to be fed into the feeding port during operation. Magnetic protection is required to avoid metal impurity getting into the grinding chamber.
☆ Cut off the power first if there is any abnormal noise occurs during the process of operation, make sure the machine shut down completely, then check the failure.