Bamboo Pellet Mill

With the shortage of traditional energy resources like coal and gas, an increasing number of biomass materials such as straw, forestry and agricultural residues, municipal wastes, etc. are compressed into pellets as a kind of new alternative energy sources.
Why Use Bamboo?

Bamboo is a kind of forest resource. Featured with rapid growth and strong fertility, it is widely used in many aspects in our daily life, such as general construction, furniture making, paper manufacturing, textile production, etc. During the production process, vast bamboo residues are left, which are often treated as worthless wastes. However, bamboo has a composition that is similar with wood, which means the bamboo is suitable for being pressed into bamboo pellets. How to turn the bamboo wastes into treasure? Our bamboo pellet mill can help you solve the problem.




Bamboo Pellet Mill
Bamboo pellet mill is the very machine for making bamboo pellets. Our bamboo pellet making machine is designed by flat die, which is made of high wearable alloy material, prolong the service life of the pellet machine. Featured by small, flexible and movable, this pellet machine is suitable for household or small size pellet plant. The following are two types of bamboo pellet mills, one is driven by electric motor, the other one is driven by diesel engine.

Model Power Engine Wood pellet capacity Feed pellet capacity Dimension
WHIR-230 11kw Electric motor 150-190kg/h 300-400kg/h 1140*470*970mm
WHIR-230A 22HP Diesel engine 150-190kg/h 300-400kg/h 1180*560*950mm




Electric Bamboo Pellet Mill Diesel Bamboo Pellet Mill


Bamboo Pellets Advantages

wood pellets


▷ Product Name: Bamboo pellets fuel
▷ Product Diameter: 6-12mm
▷ Moisture Content: ≤9.0%
▷Density: ≥1.1mt/m3
▷Ash: ≤1.5%
▷ Calories: 4200-4800(kcal)
As a new green energy fuel, bamboo pellets are mainly used to replace the traditional fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) for home heating or cooking, and also applied to small or medium-sized boilers for direct combustion. More important, emission targets of bamboo pellets are less than the national boiler air pollutant emission standards compared to traditional fuel. Reliable, cost-effective and environment-friendly.
Equipment in Bamboo Pellet Fuel Production
1.Crushing System
Wood crusher: bamboo material with large size is not available for pelletizing directly. Our wood crusher has the function of raw material chipping and crushing, which is the optimal choice for bamboo pre-processing.
2.Drying System
Dryer machine: before pelletizing, the moisture content of bamboo powder need be about 12%-15%. Dry them in the sun or by dryer machine if the moisture content is higher.
3.Pelletizing System
Bamboo pellet mill: our bamboo pelletizing machine capacity ranges from 50-500kg/h, you can purchase suitable bamboo pellet machine according to your practical needs.
4.Cooling & Packing System
After pelletizing, the moisture content and temperature of bamboo pellets are high, so it is necessary to cool down pellets. Then, storing the pellets into bags or silo for future use.