How to Reduce the Abrasion of Wood Pellet Mill Die

In recent years, along with the shortage of global mineral resources and the enhancement of environment protection consciousness, the biomass pellet fuel has a burgeoning development in the world. Therefore, wood pellet mill, as the key equipment in biomass pellet fuel industry, really plays a vital role due to its stability and reliability.


As the key component of biomass pellet mill, die has direct influence on the performance and quality of the final pellets. Thus, the die must have good mechanical properties and long service life. When the wood pellet machine works, the roller presses the raw materials into the die forcedly to form the shape of finished pellets. However, during the pressing, there is no lubricating or supplemental materials added, which accelerates the abrasion of wood pellet mill die. How to reduce the abrasion of wood pellet mill die becomes a really important problem.
1. The raw materials must be crushed sufficiently. The diameter of crushed materials should be smaller than that of die hole, thus the crushed materials can be pressed into the die hole smoothly. Besides, uniform granularity can efficiently reduce the abrasion of pellet mill die, and increase the production efficiency.
2. Continuous and even feeding is also necessary, which can avoid excessive accumulation of raw materials in pelleting chamber. The wood pellet machine we made is equipped with automatic frequency conversion device, automatically adjust the feeding speed in the whole pelletizing process.
3. Then the screening equipment is really necessary. If the metal or foreign hard materials enter into the die, the die will be worn easily. Therefore, it is required to remove the foreign materials before pelletizing.


Maintenance of Wood Pellet Mill Die
In addition to the methods mentioned above, we must keep in mind that the routine maintenance is absolutely necessary. In normal working condition, the roller, bearings and die must be cleaned by gasoline or diesel oil within 30 days. Simultaneously, the lubricants must be added. In winter, the preheating of wood pellet mill before working is needed. The preheating time will be longer because of the cold wealth and low stability. We can feed the raw materials until the die temperature increases, and this is conductive to improve the yield and reduce the abrasion of wood pellet mill.
Both reasonable use and essential maintenance can prolong the working life of pellet mill die. As a top leading pellet mill supplier in China, we can provide you the best solution according to your requirements.