500kg/h Wood Pellet Plant



How to Buy a Cost-effective Pellet Plant On-line?
There are countless pellet machine manufactures and suppliers when you search for pellet mill on the internet, such as American CPM, Australia ANDRITZ, British PelHeat, etc. Although they are some of the famous brands, their price is quite high naturally, and the expensive machine may not always be the most appropriate. Especially for small scale pellet manufactures or beginners who just dip toes in the water of pellet production, it may not be an optimal choice. Though Whirston pellet machine is not as famous as the brands mentioned above, we can supply the most suitable machine for you.
500kg/h Wood Pellet Plant for Your Choice
Our 500kg/h biomass pellet plant is special designed as a convenient mobile pellet production line, all necessary processing equipment is arranged on one base. Therefore, it is easily moved compared to traditional pellet plants. It is small in size and light in weight, which makes small scale industrial pellet production and movable production possible.
Flowchart of Mobile Wood Pellet Plant

pellet plant

Composition of Wood Pellet Plant
This small mobile biomass pellet plant is mainly composed of wood crusher, pipe dryer, screw elevator, wood pellet mill, cooler machine, bag dust collector, electric controlling cabinet, and foundation frame.
This pellets making line integrates the processing functions of crushing, pelletizing, cooling, transporting, etc. into one complete plant, which greatly improves the working efficiency and reduces the production cost.
Technical Data of Biomass Pellet Plant
1. Crushing

Name Model Power Capacity Dimension Weight
Wood crusher 600 22+3kw 500-750kg/h 1450x750x950mm 1.5t

2. Sawdust drying

Name Model Power Weight
Sawdust flash dryer WHIR-QLHG 5.5kw 0.8t

3. Screw conveying

Name Power Dimension Weight
Screw elevator 2.2kw(adjustable) 2800x160x160mm 0.15t

4. Wood pellet pressing

Name Model Power Capacity Dimension Weight
Flat die wood pellet mill WHIR-400 30KW 400-550kg/h 1450x800x1600mm 0.63t

5. Wood pellet cooling

Name Model Power Dimension Weight
Pellet cooling & sieving machine TRL500 1.5kw+4kw 1200x900x1300mm 0.35ton

What Kind of Biomass Materials can be Used for Making Pellets?
Almost all kinds of biomass materials are available for pellet making. This small mobile biomass pellet production line can not only process sawdust and wood chips, but biomass materials such as straw, stalk, hay, rice husk, peanut shell, sunflower husk, etc.


Safe Operation Norms:
Please ensure all connecting parts are tightened well and the ground wire is in position before operation.
☆ Do not touch any electric element during working. Do not change any circuitry element if the power supply is still on.
☆ Equipment maintainer should be trained professionally and strictly according to the principle of electric control.
☆ The working atmosphere should remain ventilated. No build-up of raw materials in the working area, no fireworks and no smoking in case of deadly explosion.
☆ Lubricate all parts as required regularly, the maintenance should be done under the absolute condition of power off.