PH-200 Movable Pellet Plant



Technical Parameter of PH-200 Movable Pellet Plant

Model Power Capacity Packaging Size Weight
PH-200 15 kw 100-150 kg/h 1600*1450*1800mm 380kg

Introduction of Movable Pellet Plant
PH-200 mini pellet plant is the smallest and simplest pellet production line, which consists of hammer mill, pellet mill and cyclone. These three parts are on one foundation and can be easily operated synchronously by one people, which not only owns less occupied area but also saves labor. The above advantages make this combined pellet machine become an ideal choice for household, farms and small pellet industries. Besides the electric motor, this small pellet plant can also be driven by diesel engine.


Main Parts of PH-200 Small Pellet Plant
1.Hammer Mill:
this machine is used to crush the raw materials with the size of less than 50mm into 1-3mm powdery materials prior to entering the pellet machine. When the raw materials are fed into the crushing chamber, they are beat and crushed by the high-speed rotating hammers. The final crushed materials that meet the required size can be discharged through sieve holes, while the materials with larger size will repeat the hammering process until they are small enough to be discharged through the sieve holes.
equipped with an cyclone as the dust removing and crushed materials collecting machine. The crushed materials can be directly collected and transported to the pellet mill for further pelletizing. In addition, it can reduce the dust content in air, thereby protecting the environment when the pellet will works.
3.Pellet Mill:
this pellet machine is rotating roller flat die pellet mill whose die is stationary while the roller is rotating during the process of pelletizing. When the powdery materials are added into the hopper of pellet mill, they are pressed into of the die hole by extruding action of the die and press rollers. Then the emerging pellets will be cut by a sharp knife into regular length.




Wide Application of Combined Pellet Machine
▷ Home heating: various agro-forestry wastes, such as wood chips, wood shavings, crop straws, husks, vines, etc. can be pelletized ino bio-fuel pellets applied to boiler, burner and stove for home heating.
▷ Animals feeding: different grains such as corn, wheat, soybean as raw materials can be compressed into feed pellets for chicken, goose, duck, cat, dog, etc.
▷ Organic fertilizer: chicken manure, pig manure, cow dung, lees, straw, etc. can be used to produce organic fertilizer pellets, improving soil properties and protecting the environment.
Requirements of Raw Materials
1.Raw materials size: less than 50mm
2.Moisture content: about 13%-15%