PH-250 Combined Pellet Plant



Technical Parameter of PH-250 Combined Pellet Plant

Model Power Wood Pellet Capacity Feed Pellet Capacity Packaging Size Weight
PH-250 22kw 200-250 kg/h 250-300 kg/h 1750*1600*1900mm 550kg

Introduction of Combined Pellet Plant
PH-250 all-in-one pellet plant is developed based on customers’ demands for multi-functional pelletizing equipment. Main parts include hammer mill, pellet mill and cyclone. This combined pellet plant can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine, which is up to you. It is applied to grinding and pelletizing the corn stalk, grass, alfalfa, cotton wood, peanut shells, rice straw, rice husk, barley straw, soybean stalk, etc. The final fuel pellets can be burned fully with less smoke. In addition, it can compress different grains products such as corn, wheat, sorghum, soybean, etc. into feed pellets, which is easy to be digested by chicken, duck, cow and any other livestock and poultry.


Features of Combined Pellet Machine
♢ Labor and energy saving.
The pellet machine adopts integrated design, the hammer mill and the pellet mill share the same frame foundation and use one motor to drive, thus the process can be easily operated simultaneously by one people, which could save labor and energy consumption.
♢ High efficiency.
Different from the separated hammer mill and pellet mill, the raw materials do not need to be crushed solely before granulating. When being fed into the hammer mill, the raw materials will be crushed directly into the required size. Then the powdery materials are transported through cyclone into the pellet mill directly for pelletizing. Thereby, it not only saves the production time but also highly improve working efficiency.
♢ Environmental protection.
This combined pellet machine equips with dust removing machine-cyclone, which can reduce the dust content in air and protect the environment.
♢ Cost saving.
The unique design of this machine determines the purchasing of itself costs less than the separate machines. Meanwhile, it will cost less maintenance costs.
Requirements and New Types of Raw Materials for Pellet Production
1.Raw materials size: less than 50mm
2.Moisture content: about 13%-15%





Switch grass Cardoon Tall wheatgrass Reed canary grass

New raw materials
Switch grass:
a kind of perennial herb, also called “elephant grass”. It harvests 100 tons dry matters per hectare in one year. This switch grass mainly grows in the prairies of North America.
a novel energy crop in Southern EU marginal lands. As a kind of vegetable, it is commonly known as cardoon, whereas as an energy crop it is named “cynara”. In average condition, cynara yields about 14t dry matters per ha in one year.
Tall wheatgrass:
as cheap raw materials to avoid emissions of greenhouse gases compared to nature gas and electricity. It harvests 5 to 12 tons per hectare each year and it has been evaluated as energy crop in several countries.
Reed canary grass:
it is a perennial grass that produces relatively large harvests, and it is tolerant against cold climate. The grass has low moisture content if it is harvested in the early spring or winter.