PH-300 Mobile Pellet Plant



Technical Parameter of PH-300 Mobile Pellet Plant

Model Power Wood Pellets Capacity Feed Pellets Capacity Packaging Size Weight
PH-300 30kw 250-350 kg/h 300-400 kg/h 1800*1650*1900mm 700kg

Introduction of PH-300 Mobile Pellet Plant
Our mobile pellet plant has a very unique design—hammer mill, pellet mill and cyclone share the same frame foundation, which can be easily operated simultaneously by one person. Moreover, the hammer mill and pellet mill are driven by one motor, greatly improve the work efficiency, save labor cost and lower the energy consumption. This combined pellet plant is mainly applied to process the materials with the diameter of less than 50mm and the moisture content about 13%-15%, such as the wood shavings, straw, rice stalk, corn talk, etc. into pellets as bio-fuel or animal feed.


Working Principle of Combined Pellet Mill
Due to the integration of hammer mill and pellet mill, the raw materials do not need to be crushed specially before pelletizing. You just need to put your materials directly into the hammer mill, and then the materials will be pulverized by the high speed rotating hammers of the hammer mill. The crushed materials will be collected directly and transported to the pellet mill for further pelletizing.
Highlights of PH-300 Mobile Pellet Plant
♣ Multi-functional. This hammer mill and pellet mill are combined on the same frame foundation, which can crush and pelletize simultaneously.
♣ Economic and practical. With this all-in-one machine, you don’t need to buy hammer mill and pellet mill respectively.
♣ Wide suitable scope. Simplified design and easy operation can meet all basic demands for household, small-scale fuel pellets plant, feed pellets plant and fertilizer factory.
♣ Mobile and convenient. These three parts are combined on a removable chassis. It can be easily operated by one person and moved freely.
♣ Environmental friendly. Equipped with a cyclone, this small pellet making line can protect the environment during the process of working.
Basic Information of Pellets Compressed by Small Pellet Plant


Product Name: wood pellets
Product Type:
biomass pellet fuel
Product Specification:
6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Product Advantages:
1. Environmental friendly
2. High standard burning calories
3. Easy to store and transport
4. Reduce our dependence on oil and gas
5. Cost is affordable and predictable



Product Name: feed pellets
Product Type: animal feeding stuff
Product Specification: 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Product Advantages:
1. Improve animal performance
2. Decrease selective feeding
3. Reduce feed wastage
4. Improve palatability of feed
5. High temperature sterilizing