150A D-type Pellet Mill



Specification of WHIR-150A D-type Pellet Mill

Model Power Matched Diesel Engine Wood Pellet Capacity Feed Pellet Capacity Packaging Size
WHIR-150A 8Hp ZR180-R00 50-90kg/h 90-120kg/h 870*440*730mm

Overview of WHIR-150A D-type Pellet Mill
WHIR-150A pellet machine is a D-type pellet machine powered by a 8HP diesel engine. As the name implies, D-type pellet mill means the die turns and the rollers are stationary when pelletizing. This mini pellet mill is mainly consist of feeder, flat die, roller, gear bearings and diesel engine. Driven by diesel engine, the WHIR-200A pellet mill can be used in nearly everywhere in the world, especially popular for areas with shortage supply of electricity.
Main Features of WHIR-150A Pellet Machine
☞ Simple operation, low energy consumption and less manpower.
☞ Roller and die are made of cast steel, and processed by vacuum heat treatment.
☞ Different die hole compression ratio for different materials, achieving the optimal pelletizing effect.
☞ Length and size of final pellets can be customized by changing pellet dies.
☞ The roller groove is narrow inside and wide outside, the unique design can reduce the materials which are pushed inside the groove when pelletizing.
☞Electric starter can be equipped if you needed.
Rotating Die VS Rotating Roller


How does the D-type Pellet Mill Work?
In the D-type pellet mill, the die is horizontal with two rollers on it. When WHIR-150A pellet mill works, the main shaft and flat die are driven by gear to rotate. Under the effect of friction, the rollers are driven to revolve on its own axis. Then friction temperature between press roller and rotating die is high enough to soften the materials. And the materials will be pressed into the die holes by rollers. Once the pellets emerge on the other side of the die, the cutting knives would cut them into the same length. Then you get can the desirable pellets.
Our Diesel Pellet Mill can Press Quality Pellet


Wood Pellets: The wood pellets made by WHIR-150A diesel pellet mill have smooth surface, high density and low ash content after burning. So they can be stored and transported easily. When burned in pellet stoves, they release more heat, which consequently help you save energy cost.
Feed Pellets: The feed pellets made by our pellet machine have high hardness, smooth surface and fully degree of internal maturation, thus promoting the digestion and absorption of nutriments. Besides, the intense smell can greatly increase the palatability of feed pellets.
Fertilizer Pellets: Fertilizer pellets are uniform in granularity, smooth in surface, high in intensity, and good in fluidity. Survival rate of microbial flora is more than 90%.