260A Straw Pellet Mill



Specification of WHIR-260A Straw Pellet Mill

Model Power Matched Diesel Engine Wood Pellet Capacity Feed Pellet Capacity Packaging Size
WHIR-260A 35Hp KW2105P 220-280kg/h 400-600kg/h 1840*700*1160mm

Why is the Straw Pellet Mill so Popular?
It is well known that the agricultural straws can be seen everywhere in the rural areas. How to deal with the straws has become an annoying issue for the farmers. Most of the straws are burned directly as fuel or agricultural wastes, which can not only pollute the environment, waste the resources, but harden the soil. However, recently advanced technology has allowed us to improve the situation, which is to make fuel pellets or feed pellets from straws by our straw pellet mill.
Features of WHIR-260A Straw Pellet Mill




* Compact structure, wide applicability, small occupied area, low noise.
* Integrally cast body, firm in structure.
* Powered by diesel engine, the mini pellet mill can be placed wherever you need.
* Adopt clutch and accelerating-decelerating device to control pelletizing speed.
* Processed by heat treatment, flat die and rollers are durable.
* Different compression ratio of flat dies for different raw materials.
Raw Materials of WHIR-260A Straw Pellet Mill
♧ Agricultural straws, including rice straw, wheat straw, corn straw, peanut straw, potato vine, etc.
♧ Agricultural wastes, such as peanut shell, rice husk, corn cob, forage grass, palm shell, etc.
♧ Forestry wastes, like wood chips, sawdust, wood shavings, leaves, wood branches, etc.
♧ Grains like rice, wheat, broomcorn, corn, soybean, etc.


Benefits of Straw Pellets as Fuel
Straw pellet is a kind of environmentally-friendly clean energy, which is high in calorific value and density, low in moisture content, long in burning time. They can be stored and transported easily. Besides, the burning of straw pellets causes zero carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emission. The ash can be used as the mineral fertilizer for plant growth.
Benefits of Straw Pellets as Animal Bedding
Soft straw pellets are famous for the endowed characteristics of moisture absorbency, cleanup acceleration, cost decrease, airborne dust particles reduction and ammonia odor control. Only small amount of soiled bedding need to be taken out every day and the wastes can be utilized as fertilizer for the farmland.
Benefits of Straw Pellets as Feed
The feed pellets have high hardness, smooth surface and fully degree of internal maturation, thus promoting the digestion and absorption of nutriments. Besides, the general pathogenic microorganism and parasite can be killed. It is convenient and clean to feed the animals and we can get higher profits from feed pellets than mixed powder feed.