360A R-type Pellet Mill



Specification of WHIR-360A R-type Pellet Mill

Model Power Matched Diesel Engine Wood Pellet Capacity Feed Pellet Capacity Packaging Size
WHIR-360A 55Hp ZH4100P 300-380kg/h 600-800kg/h 2270*620*1260mm

What is R-type Pellet Mill?
The R-type pellet mill is designed with rotating rollers and stationary pellet die. The rotating rollers can generate more pressure on the raw materials. So this R-type pellet mill is more suitable for processing hard wood into fuel pellets. The roller driven pellet mill has gained good reputation worldwide due to its high efficiency, stability, durability and safety since it has been put into the market. Therefore, the roller driven pellet mill is the right choice for the customers who have a strict requirements of final pellets and flexible budget.


WHIR-360A R-type Pellet Mill Features
* Convenient to operate and maintain.
* Smart design of pelletizing process and better gearbox.
* Equipped with electric starter, easy to start the machine even in cold winter.
* All the bearings adopt sealed structure to prevent dust entering.
* Do wear-resisting process on the rollers and die to extend their service life.
* The die compression ratio can be adjusted according to raw materials.
How does the Roller Driven Pellet Mill Work?
When the roller driven pellet mill is in operation, the die is totally stationary, while the rollers are rotating and revolving on its own axis. The great force between rollers and flat die will press raw materials into the holes of flat die to form biomass pellets. And a series of cutting knives on the other side of the flat die will cut the emerged pellets into pre-settled length, then being discharged outside.



R-type or D-type Pellet Mill, Which One to Choose?
D-type pellet mill is often used for processing soft biomass materials like pine, spruce, cedar, straw, stalk, peanut shell, rice husk, bamboo powder, bagasse, alfalfa, etc. It is suitable for small scale pellet production for residential or individual use.
R-type pellet mill has larger capacity, and it has better performance for hardwood, like beech, oak, elm tree, etc. The pellets made by R-type pellet mill have higher density, better quality and more smooth surface. R-type pellet mill is the right choice for small scale industrial pellet production.