260 Portable Pellet Press



Technical Parameter of WHIR-260 Pellet Press

Model Power Diameter of Flat Die Wood Pellet Capacity Feed Pellet Capacity Packaging Size
WHIR-260 15kw 260mm 200-280kg/h 400-600kg/h 1120*520*1070mm

WHIR-260 Portable Flat Die Pellet Mill
WHIR-260 electric pellet mill is also a die driven pellet mill like WHIR-230, which is small in size and compact in structure. With the capacity of 220-280kg/h for wood pellets and 400-600kg/h for animal feed pellets, it is mainly used for small scale pellets production at home or small farms. Its portability, small size and competitive price make it popular with individuals. Its performance is excellent and it can process a wide range of raw materials like wood chips, straws, corn cobs, and other agricultural wastes.


Performance Features of WHIR-260 Small Pellet Mill
♢ Transmission gears are made of high-quality cast steel, carburizing and quenching treatment, precision machining, smooth transmission, low noise, low temperature rise, long service life, etc.
♢ Rollers and flat die are made of high-quality cast steel, both sides of flat die can be used, long service life.
♢ All bearings are sealed structure, effectively prevent from dust, prolonging the service life.
♢ No binders added, dry in and dry out.
♢ Small and light weight, available for homemade or farm pellet production.
Strong Points of Pellets Produced by WHIR-260 Pellet Mill
● Equivalent heat to traditional fossil fuels.
● Reduced carbon emission – far less than oil, log, coal, etc.
● Competitive price when compared to general fuels.
● Prices of wood pellets are much more stable than many other forms of fuels.
● Wood pellets can be used by the people who are not access to the natural gas.
● Cleaner and more convenient to burn fuel pellets than logs or wood chips.
Advantages of Wood Pellets for Livestock Bedding
Pellets applications vary from household heating to large-scale industrial power station, wood pellets’ potential is invaluable. Small pellet making machine also can manufacture pellets as livestock bedding because they absorb urine and the spores or toxins can be killed during the pellets manufacturing process .
Generally, wood shavings and straws are the common materials for livestock bedding. However, wood pellets have tremendous advantages over them:




 Equal amounts of wood pellets & wood shavings  Pour equal amount of water into each glass  Wood pellets absorb all the water

⊙ Save your money, time and space if you use wood pellets instead of wood shavings and straws.
⊙ Wood pellets for livestock bedding are soft, dry, absorbent and environment friendly.
⊙ Animals will not eat the bedding pellets because they are typically not palatable to them.
⊙ Wood pellets have stronger absorbency than wood shavings, which does a great help to clean the urine and excrement of livestock.