We are devoted ourselves to the development of environmental protection, green energy and conservation. With strong technical force, strict quality management and excellent processing equipment, we have occupied a sizable market in the pellet machinery industry. After years of development, we have formed a comprehensive business pattern for scientific research, new product design, machinery manufacture, installation, debugging, technical training, sales, and after-sale service. We always walk at the forefront even in an increasingly competitive pellet machinery industry today.

What We Have

Provide you not only the single pellet machine but the customized pellet plant according to your requirements. We offer you all-around service, including on-site investigation, installation, debugging, technical training, machine maintenance, sales and after-sale service. Our products have passed the national technological evaluation and have been recognized by the state. Besides, we have a perfect import and export service system, and a wide range of commodity information networks, and cooperative partners throughout the world.

Factary Overview
Our Team

Thanks for our qualified team, we can achieve steady and firm development and meet the exact demands of our customers.
☞ Designers: We gather professional designers with rich business experience, which allows them to understand exactly the customers’ needs.
☞ Engineers: They are proactive and they can offer products complying with top standards of quality and warranty.
☞ Sales: We have an active and acute sales team who are experienced in seizing the latest biomass energy news, thus offering us the specific marketing guide.
☞ Customer service: Our customer service staff are kind and patient enough for any customers consulting and problems and ready to offer you the most sincere service.


We continue to expand our products and service to meet emerging customer needs. We always take the product quality, customer benefit, reputation as the foundation of our survival and development. We will be consistently responsible for each procedure, each product and each customer, and continuously innovate the technology, upgrade the equipment to satisfy various demands of different customers. We believe our sincere cooperation will create beautiful tomorrow.


☆ What kind of raw materials can be pressed?
Any wood wastes and biomass materials, such as wood sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, wood logs, straw, rice husk, coffee husk, sunflower husk, hay, etc.

☆ How are the pellets made?
The pellets are made by compressing the mash or biomass materials into many small holes in a die. The final pellets are pushed from the inside to the outside.

☆ What size of pellets can be produced?
The length and diameter of particles depend on the die hole diameter of pellet mill.

☆ What is the classification of flat die pellet mill?
The flat die pellet machine mainly includes electric flat die pellet mill and diesel flat die pellet mill.

☆ What is the application range of the flat die pellet machine?
Widely used in small or medium feed mills, small scale farms, organic fertilizer factory, or household.

☆ What is the diameter of pellets for burning?
6mm, 8mm, and 10mm are most used to burning.

☆ What is the proper moisture content of material before pelletizing?
10%-15%. You can choose natural drying or dryer machine if the raw material need to be dried.

☆ What is the capacity range of the flat die pellet machine?
The capacity ranges from 50-500kg/h, you can choose suitable pellet machine according to your practical needs.

☆ What is the cost of a pellet mill machine?
We supply different models pellet mills with competitive price, different capacities have different prices.

☆ How do you deliver the pellet press?
Transport and worldwide shipping is available.

☆ How to install flat die pellet mill?
We will provide you with detailed installation manual and operation video.

☆ Will you show me how to run the pellet mill till I totally grasp these skills if I buy your machine?
Of course! We have professional technical staffs to help you master these skills, and we will send our experienced staff and interpreter to your working area if necessary.

☆ What is the general process of making pellets?
Well, to start, you need to pulverize the raw materials into appropriate size and make sure their moisture content ranges from 10% to 15%. Then , these crushed materials will be compressed into pellets by the pellet mill. The final products need to be cooled before packing.

☆ Do you supply relative machines or the complete pellet production line?
Yes!We offer most machines that are related to pellet production. Besides, we also supply small complete pellet production line, the capacities range from 100kg/h to 500kg/h. Movable, less occupied area, all parts are on one foundation.

☆ Can I use the pellet mill to make animal feed pellets?
Absolutely! As the raw materials of feed pellets are softer than that of wood pellets, there is no big abrasion of the die and rollers, you can change the die according to your needs to make sure appropriate size for the animals.

☆ What should we do before using the flat die pellet machine?
Make a comprehensive inspection for the machine before using and make sure all the connections and transmission are reliable, check whether the power supply meets the requirements.

☆ What is the feed rate of your different pellet mills?
The feed rate depends on your raw materials being used, talk to a sale associate about your specific product.

☆ Where do I get replacement parts for my flat die pellet mill?
We stock replacement parts for the wearing parts of flat die pellet mill, please contact us if you need.

☆ Can I make organic fertilizer granules with flat die pellet mill?
Certainly! Our flat die pellet mill can press chicken manure, pig manure, cow dung, lees, etc. into organic fertilizer pellets.

☆ Can I make pellets all year long?
Yes, you can. But when the outside temperature is too high or too low, you’d better have your pellet mill and materials indoor.