HM320 Hammer Mill



Technical Parameter of WHIR-HM320 Hammer Mill

Model Power Capacity Package size Weight
WHIR-HM320 5.5kw 300-350kg/h 1000*600*750mm 200kg

Introduction of Hammer Mill
WHIR-HM320 hammer mill is designed for solving your crushing problem. Driven by electric motor, this hammer mill is easy to operate. Its power is 5.5kw, capacity is 300-350kg/h, both coarse and fine grinding can be realized through adjusting the gap between hammers and screen. So it can not only process wood materials but feedstuff materials. Its core part—hammer flake is designed to own two concussion parts, thus one part is worn out and the other one can be applied. Featured with small size, compact structure, low power consumption and long service life, this hammer mill with electric motor is a perfect raw material size reduction equipment working together with a pellet mill.
Application Scope:
This hammer mill is widely used for grinding and processing all kinds of grains, agricultural stalks, straw, alfalfa, cottonseed, peanut shells, rice straw, barley straw, legumes, soybean stalk, etc.
Structure of Hammer Mill Machine




1 Lower body 5 Upper body
2 Sieve 6 Feeding port
3 Rotor 7 Discharge outlet
4 Air fan 8 Cyclone

How Does a Electric Hammer Mill Work?
When the materials are fed into the crushing chamber of hammer mill, they are crushed by the high-speed rotating hammers. Then the crushed materials gain kinetic energy from hammer and rush to the sieve at a high speed, meanwhile the materials crashing into each other. After repeated impact, the materials with smaller size will discharge from the sieve hole. However, the larger materials will be impacted by hammer again until smaller enough to be discharged.
tipsTips on Choosing a Suitable Wood Hammer Mill:
1. Choose a reliable wood hammer mill manufacturer. Reliable manufacturers can provide high quality wood hammer mill with stability and few mistakes.Moreover, they can offer you spare parts all the time.
2. Take your required capacity into account. The pellets production is determined by the size of the hammer, the choice of hammer mill production should be greater than 10% of theoretical efficiency according to the configuration of the grinding process.
3. After-sale service. Good after-sale service system can ensure a smooth business and provide effective solution once your machine encounters some operation problems. Whirston can offer you 12 months warranty for main parts and online after-sale service.