MFS600 Wood Crusher



Technical Parameter of WHIR-MFS600 Wood Crusher

Model Power Capacity Package size Weight
WHIR-MFS600 18.5kw 600-800kg/h 1500*1000*1100mm 550kg

WHIR-MFS600 Wood Crusher Introduction


Wood blocks, logs and other large size wood stuffs are not available for pellet mill directly. They need to be cut into sawdust with the help of wood crusher or wood hammer mill. Wood crusher is the optimal choice when the diameter of logs or wood materials is 50-200mm. For wood material with diameter of less than 50mm, you’d better choose wood hammer mill. Featured with compact structure, reasonable design and stable working performance, this crushing machine is becoming more and more popular. Unlike hammer mill crushes wood material by hammer blades, the crusher machine works with a cutting knife which can cut the wood into pieces under high speed rotation.

structure_1Wood Crushing Machine Spotlights

☞ Wood crusher integrates cutting & crushing, which saves much labor and energy.
☞ The feed inlet adopts self-suction design to ensure security, avoiding serious damage to operators.
☞ High output & stable working performance ensure a continuous running.
☞ High-quality finished products with diameter of 3-5mm can be used for bio-pelletizing directly.

Wide Application of Wood Crushing Machine

1. Suitable raw materials: wood logs, wood timbers, tree branch, bamboo, cornstalk, sorghum stalks, wheat straw, etc.
2. Applicable industry: this wood crushing machine can be used in wood pellet plant, paper making industry, fiberboard, high density board, biomass briquettes production, etc.


▶ Turn on the wood crusher and inspect whether each fastening part is tightened and the rotation direction is correct.
▶ When installing the cutters, the knife-edge should extend the cutterhead by 2-4mm and then the bolts should be tightened.
▶ Adjust the stretching of the cutting knife, meanwhile ensure its length is the same.
▶ You should replace the bolts immediately once they are worn-out.
▶ The triangle belt cannot be over tight in the operation in case of accident occurs to wearing parts.
▶ Change a sieve with different hole size if the particles are not ideal.
▶ Magnetic protection is required to avoid metal impurity getting into the crushing chamber and protect the cutter from damage.