MFS400 Wood Crusher



Technical Parameter of WHIR-MFS400 Wood Crusher

Model Power Capacity Package size Weight
WHIR-MFS400 11kw 400-500kg/h 1200*850*900mm 450kg

WHIR-MFS400 Wood Crusher Introduction


With the function of wood materials chipping and crushing, WHIR-MFS400 wood crusher is widely used for pulverizing the tree branches, wood logs, stem, wood staff, square blocks, etc. into wood powders once. The diameter of raw materials should be less than 200mm and the moisture content of less than 30%. After grinding, the final particle size is 3-5mm in diameter, which is the right size for further pelletizing. The small size, low energy consumption and high productivity of wood crusher make the movable production available. Therefore, the WHIR-MFS400 wood crusher is widely applied to wood pelletizing plant, papermaking industry, chipboard and fiberboard processing enterprises, etc.
Features of CE Approved Wood Crusher
◆ The hammer blade is made from high-carbon cast steel.
◆ Different diameters of screen holes to choose according to your needs.
◆ Multifunction. It integrates wood materials chipping and crushing, labor and energy saving.
◆ Driven by only one motor, ensuring low noise, low power consumption and simple structure.
◆ Self-feeding device is adopted to ensure safe processing.
Working Principle of Wood Shredder Machine
Combined with crushing and grinding, WHIR-MFS400 wood crusher adopts blade cutting and high-speed airflow impacting, simultaneously completing the selecting process of superfine materials. When the blade works, the rotor creates high-speed airflow and rotates along with the direction of blade cutting. When wood materials are fed into the crushing chamber, they speed up and impact repeatedly in the airflow until small enough to discharge from the screen hole.


Typical Applications of Wood Crusher
Wood crusher is widely used for crushing the tree branches and stem with the diameter of 50-200mm. For the materials of less than 50mm in diameter, wood hammer mill is a nice choice. Besides, wood crusher is also applicable to crusher the fiber stalk materials like bamboo, couch grass, corn stalk, sorghum stalk, etc.

Common Problems and Solutions in Operation

Problem Cause Solution
Loss of power a.Belt slippage
b.Irregular feeding
a.Adjust the belt to correct tension or change the belt
b.Adjust the feeding way & control feeding rate
Bearing running hot a.Driving belt is too tight
b.Bearing over or need lubricated
a. Adjust belt to correct tension
b. Follow lubrication instructions carefully
Screen clogging Hammers is blunt Reverse hammers or change them if necessary