120 Mini Electric Pellet Mill



Technical Parameter of WHIR-120 Mini Pellet Mill

Model Power Diameter of Flat Die Wood Pellet Capacity Feed Pellet Capacity Packaging Size
WHIR-120 3kw 120mm 40-60kg/h 60-100kg/h 750*320*650mm


WHIR-120 Mini Pellet Mill with Electric Motor
WHIR-120 electric flat die pellet mill is an ideal pelletizing machine for small-scale pellets production at home for heating or animal feeding. Because of the unique characteristics of easy operation and maintenance, low noise and consumption, competitive price and long service life, flat die pellet mill is preferred by more and more people to make pellets at home. The capacity is 40-60kg/h for wood pellets, and 60-100kg/h for feed pellets. Various biomass wastes like wheat straw, sunflower husk, wood sawdust, wood shavings, forestry wastes, etc. can be processed in the flat die pellet mill.



Features of WHIR-120 Electric Pellet Mill
1. Driven by electric engine, WHIR-120 pellet mill is applicable to any places under the condition of sufficient electricity supply.
2. Double rollers put equal force on the flat die to ensure uniform discharge.
3. Both single phase and three-phase are available.
4. Flat die can be customized according to your raw materials.
5. Adopt high precision gear drive and high quality bearings, ensuring high transmission efficiency and stability.
6. Final pellets have high density and combustion value, low moisture and ash content, etc.


Working Principle of Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill
When this flat die pellet mill is in operation, the spindle and flat die are driven by gear to rotate. The frictional temperature between rollers and flat die can reach to 70℃, contributing to the bonding and coagulating of materials. Then the powder materials are pressed into the die holes by rollers and discharged from the other side of flat die. The cutters will cut the pellets into same length and then discharged outside.


How to DIY Poultry Feed by WHIR-120 Pellet Mill?
♣ Site selection: select a suitable site where you plan to manufacture the feed pellets. At the same time, the transportation convenience of raw materials and the easy availability of water and power are also necessary.
♣ Materials needed: gather dried raw materials like alfalfa, corn, peas, wheat, oats, barley, etc. which should be best for your animals growing.
♣ Equipment selection: purchase the manufacturing equipment-a pellet mill.
♣ Pre-treatment of materials: grind the materials by grinding machine, mix the crushed powder materials and add liquid ingredients such as oils, molasses or fats.
♣ Making poultry feed: use the pellet mill to compress the raw materials into feed pellets, which can be easily handled and stored.