400 Multi-functional Pellet Mill



Technical Parameter of WHIR-400 Electric Pellet Machine

Model Power Diameter of Flat Die Wood Pellet Capacity Feed Pellet Capacity Packaging Size
WHIR-400 30kw 400mm 400-550kg/h 900-1100kg/h 1520*600*1150mm

WHIR-400 Multi-functional Flat Die Pellet Mill
WHIR-400 pellet mill is designed with three rotating rollers, providing more compression force on raw materials, which makes it available to process nearly all biomass materials even the hardwood. Besides, it is suitable for making feed pellets from powder grains and organic fertilizer pellets from animal wastes. Equipped with electric cabinet and fully-covered electric engine, WHIR-400 pellet machine can be operated intelligently and safely. If an emergency occurs when pelletizing, just press the off button, the pellet mill will stop immediately without any damage to both the pellet mill and the operator.
Prominent Features of Multi-functional Pellet Mill
♢ Applicable to make fuel pellet, feed pellets and organic fertilizer pellets.
♢ The die and rollers are made of high quality & heat treated cast steel, prolong the lifespan of the die and rollers.
♢ Visible pelletizing chamber, convenient to solve problem timely.
♢ All bearings are sealed, effectively prevent from dust, improve the working environment of bearings, and extend the service life.
♢ Length and size of final pellets can be customized by changing pellet dies.
♢ Both sides of flat die can be used, so the service life of die is doubled.
Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill Structure


1 Hopper 2 Body Case 3 Roller Shell
4 Bearing 5 Roller shaft 6 Flat die
7 Kick-out device 8 Base 9 Main shaft

Details of Electric Flat Die Pelletizer Machine
Die Parts:
the flat die has a series of holes, which are used for shaping the raw materials. The diameter of the holes range from 2.5mm to 10mm and you can choose the appropriate die depending on your needs.
Roller Parts: WHIR-400 pellet machine has three rollers, so it has bigger capacity than the pellet mill with two rollers. As the core parts of pellet mill, rollers are made of precise cast steel, which can prolong the service life.



How to Benefit From Flat Die Pellet Machine
When it comes to biomass, we are talking about a variety of cellulose organic materials that can be used as energy. Besides, there are many other biomass materials we may be not familiar with, such as reed canary grass, switch grass, miscanthus, hemp, etc. You can benefit from the cheap or even free raw materials by recycling them into fuel pellets which are regarded as future energy alternatives to oil.
To be a pellet manufacturer, you need an appropriate pellet mill, abundant and cheap raw materials. Nevertheless, pelletizing is a kind of technically demanding process, some small errors can affect pellets quality and production. Knowledge and experience are required for operators to recognize how the raw materials are compressed and understand what is happening when the pellet mill goes wrong. If you are pellet making beginners without sufficient experience, do not worry! We have a professional technical team to provide you with comprehensive pellet making guide and free consultation service. Welcome to contact us!