150 Flat Die Pellet Press



Technical Parameter of WHIR-150 Small Pellet Mill

Model Power Diameter of Flat Die Wood Pellet Capacity Feed Pellet Capacity Packaging Size
WHIR-150 4kw 150mm 50-90kg/h 90-120kg/h 750*350*650mm

WHIR-150 Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill Introduction
Pellet mill with flat die is our main product that adopts advanced technology in domestic and oversea markets. WHIR-150 pellet making machine is powered by electric motor which is connected to a CE certificated electric cabinet. With the electric cabinet, pellet machine can be operated intelligently and safely. What’s more important, the wood pellets produced by our pellet machine are high in heating capacity, density and combustion values. Each part of the pellet mill is manufactured under strict and standardized technical management.


WHIR-150 Small Flat Die Pellet Mill Features

♣ Flat die and rollers are made of high wearable cast steel.
♣ The flat die pellet machine can not only compress biomass pellets, but also animal feed pellets.
♣ Driven by electric engine, energy-saving and environmental friendly.
♣ Simple structure and light weight make it widely used at home or small farm.
♣ Customize different flat dies for your materials.

Requirements of WHIR-150 Pellet Mill Raw Materials

☞ The raw materials must have a certain adhesive force. If not, the final pellets will be apt to be unshaped, loose, even broken during the transportation.
☞ The pellet mill has a strict requirement for raw materials moisture content. Before entering into the pelletizing chamber, the moisture content of raw materials should be 12%-20%. The pellets with low moisture content will be unshaped, while the high moisture content will make the pellets loose, even broken.
☞ The size of materials also has strict standard. The diameter of raw materials should be less than 5mm, improper size will influence the production, even lead to the blockage of pellet mill.
What are the Advantages of Wood Pellets Produced by WHIR-150?
1. Efficient:
wood pellets have higher combustion value because all the materials are burned and converted to heat, meanwhile the pellets contain very low moisture and ash when compared to wood chips or cordwood.
2. Cost-effective:
compared with home fossil fuel or electric heat, wood pellets are economical. The price of fuel pellets is more stable than other home heating alternatives.
3. Convenient:
bags of wood pellets are easy to store. Additionally, you can pour the fuel pellets into boiler, burner or stove directly, and control the pouring rate conveniently.
4. Environmentally responsible:
wood pellets are compressed by biomass wastes, so they are a kind of sustainable fuel source.