200 Electric Motor Pellet Mill



Technical Parameter of WHIR-200 Electric Pellet Mill

Model Power Diameter of Flat Die Wood Pellet Capacity Feed Pellet Capacity Packaging Size
WHIR-200 7.5kw 200mm 110-140kg/h 200-300kg/h 1000*460*950mm


WHIR-200 Electric Motor Pellet Machine

The WHIR-200 pellet mill is an electricity powered pellet mill with a flat die 200mm in diameter, and the size of die holes ranges from 2.5mm to 10mm. Designed with a rotating die and two stationary rollers, WHIR-150 pellet mill is much more proper for small scale pellet production. The pellet mill we provide is powered by three-phase motor but you can decide what voltage you want. Its rated capacity depends on what pellets you want to produce. When making wood pellets, the capacity is 110-140kg/h, while the capacity can be achieved 200-300kg/h when making animal feed pellets.
Technical Innovation of WHIR-200 Pellet Machine
▶ Small size, reasonable structure and easy operation.
▶ Reduce the total cost of pellet production and machine maintenance.
▶ Pellet production without chemical additives, glue or other additives, dry in & dry out.
▶ Pellets diameter is from 2.5-10mm for user selection, choose different compression ration according to different materials.
▶ High adaptability to different raw material: sawdust, wheat, branch, bamboo, hay, peanut shell, paper, and other biomass materials.


Flat Die Pellet Press Machine Accessory & Packing:

Payment Terms: L/C T/T
Package: Wood Case
Delivery Time: 7-10 days

What Should be Considered when Buying a Pellet Mill?
Nowadays, renewable energy is getting more and more popular due to the increasing price of fossil fuels and the global climate change crisis. Featured by high density & combustion value and environmental protection, solid fuel pellets have become a new alternative energy. No matter where you are going to purchase a pellet mill to make fuel pellets, the following considerations need to be paid attention to:


Quality: as the core factor, quality is one of the most important aspects should be considered. At least, you need to choose a pellet mill with CE certificate.
the ideal situation is buying a proper pellet press from the manufactures or suppliers with the lowest price. Whereas, the proper pellet mill does not mean the best one. You should choose a pellet mill according to your budget, capacity, pellet application ( for business or individual, feed or fuel, boiler or stoves, etc.), power condition ( electric, diesel, or gasoline) and service life, etc.
Structure and operation:
the more complicated is the structure, the higher cost will be spend, such as the cost for operator training and potential cost of machinery maintenance.
After-sale service and spare part supply:
it is necessary to choose pellet machines from a manufacture or supplier who could provide satisfactory after-sales service and consistent spare part supply, any of your problem can be solved at a phone call or an email.