360 Roller Driven Pellet Mill



Technical Parameter of WHIR-360 Roller Driven Pellet Press

Model Power Diameter of Flat Die Wood Pellet Capacity Feed Pellet Capacity Packaging Size
WHIR-360 22kw 360mm 300-380kg/h 700-900kg/h 1340*580*1060mm

WHIR-360 Rotating Roller Flat Die Pellet Mill


Rotating roller pellet mill refers to the flat die pellet mill whose die is stationary and the rollers are rotating when making pellets. The WHIR-360 E-motor machine is designed with three rotating rollers, which provide more powerful compression on the materials. The motor is directly connected to the main shaft, overcoming the loose defect of belt connecting. Featured by unique advantages of small size, compact structure, low power consumption, low noise, easy operation and maintenance, WHIR-360 pellet press is an ideal machine for small to medium scale production of fuel pellets, feed pellets and organic fertilizer pellets.
WHIR-360 R-type Pellet Press Features
☞ The final pellets have good rigidity, perfect smoothness, long shelf life and standard moisture.
☞ Wearing parts & key components are made from wear-resistant materials.
☞ High capacity, low energy consumption, low fault rate, continuous production, economy and durability.
☞ Two sides of flat die are exchangeable, extend the service life.
☞ All the bearings adopt leak-proof structure in order to prevent from dust and improve the working environment.
☞ Applicable materials: biomass wastes, grains, and chicken, pig, cow dung, less, etc.
How to Make Pellets by WHIR-360 Pellet Mill
When the pellet mill works, the raw materials fall down from the hopper to pelletizing chamber smoothly just because of gravity. Then the materials will be pressed into the die holes by friction force between rotating rollers and stationary die to form pellets. The cutters on the other side of flat die cut the exposed pellets into regular length. You can choose the pellet size by changing the flat die.
Biomass Pellets Produced By WHIR-360 Pellet Press


How to Operate and Maintain R-type Pellet Mill Properly?
☆ Add engine oil to the transmission parts at regular time. All the moving parts should be lubricated termly to ensure a long service life and high-performance.
☆ Change the lubricating oil of gearbox at fixed periods to prolong the service cycle.
☆ Regularly check spare parts of pellet machine, including rollers, die, gear and bearings. Replace them in time if you find something wrong with those parts.
☆ Overload production is prohibited. Overloading will accelerate the damage of gear and motor, meanwhile shorten the lifespan of pellet mill.
☆ Take out the roller and wash it carefully after utilizing the pellet mill. Make sure well-preserved if the pellet mill is not regularly used.