EFB Pellet Machine

What is EFB?
EFB is short for Empty Fruit Bunch, the discarded product from crude palm oil mill, which is abundant in palm oil plants mainly in Southeast Asia. As a good source of biomass waste, it contains neither chemical nor mineral additives. EFB is a fibrous material with the fiber length of 10-20 cm, and the moisture content in EFB is around 67%. Therefore, the EFB should be reprocessed before applying.
Why Choose EFB as Raw Material of Fuel Pellets?
Increasing growth of global economy has been exerting pressure on existing energy resources. And air pollution is also one of the severe topics that affecting human living nature. Nowadays, the increasing demand for fuel, the diminishing of fossil fuels and forestry resource, and the degradation of environment all make the development of sustainable fuel resource become extremely significant. One of the emerging biomass resources that can help to solve these issues is EFB pellets from oil palm biomass. EFB pellet can be used to replace traditional fuels for heating purpose. It can not only deliver high heat energy, but also reduce the particulate discharge to the air.


Equipment for Making EFB Pellets
Since the EFB is large in size and high in moisture content, it will go through a series of processes such as crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling and packing in order to get the final quality EFB pellet products.
▷ EFB Shredder: EFB shredder is the equipment to process palm fruit bunch into palm fiber, which is easier to be dried and finely crushed in the following processes. Thus the final EFB pellets quality can be guaranteed.
▷ Rotary Drum Dryer: The proper moisture content for pelletizing is 12-15%, while the moisture content in EFB is about 67%. Therefore, drying process is necessary for EFB pellets production. Special designed for drying the EFB fiber, our rotary drum dryer is high in efficiency but low in energy consumption.
EFB Fiber Crushing Machine: EFB fiber crushing machine is designed for crushing the EFB fiber into small pieces, and the machine is the necessary equipment for EFB fiber pelletizing. Usually the machine can be combined with the EFB shredder machine.
EFB Pellet Machine: Generally, the EFB pellets production is in large scale. Then our ring die EFB pellet machine is the most suitable machine for compressing the high density EFB fiber. Adopt high-precision gear driving, the output is improved by about 20% compared with the belt drive one. Imported high-quality bearings and oil seal are adopted to ensure efficient, stable and low-noise operation.
▷ EFB Pellet Cooler: EFB pellets discharged from pellet mill are of high temperature about 65℃-90℃ as well as high moisture content of 17%-18%. Pellets will shock if the temperature or humidity is too high. Our counter current pellet cooler is used to remove pellet heat as well as the moisture content to ensure pellets quality and shelf-life.
▷ EFB Pellet Packaging Machine: After cooling, the packing process is necessary to protect the EFB pellet from damp and dust. Automatic EFB pellet packing machine is advanced designed and manufactured with PLC controlling technology. Equip with accurate measure instrument, it has high weighing precision, bagging speed and stable performance.
Raw materials should be sufficient to ensure the continuity of pellet production. So the location of the EFB pellet plant should be convenient for the raw materials transportation.



Palm EFB Pellets Advantages
The high quality EFB pellet comes with several remarkable advantages by providing high and efficient heat energy, easy control, convenient transportation and storage, and broad application. During the burning process, EFB pellets will not generate any smoke or fume, which also implies that less contaminant discharge to the environment. This kind of pellet fuel is not only an alternative for fuel, but also a clean, environment-friendly and renewable energy resource.
Main Application for EFB Pellet
☞ Power Plant
☞ Boiler
☞ House Hold BBQ Rack
☞ Centralize Steam boiler
Parameters of Palm EFB Pellets:

Item Value
Palm EFB Pellet Diameter 6-10mm
Moisture Content <12%
Ash Content 5%
Volatile Content 75%
Carbon Content 13%
Thermal Value 4000 kcal/kg