Die Driven Pellet Mill vs. Roller Driven Pellet Mill

With the booming development of animal feed industry and the utilization of biomass energy, the flat die pellet mill is extensively used. Originally, flat die pellet mill is used for processing animal feed particles. In recent years, along with the increasingly higher demand of international environmental organizations on carbon dioxide emission, the renewable raw materials such as sawdust, straw, branch, etc. become the most popular biomass energy. Then wood pellet mill arises at this historic moment. Taking customers’ feedback and energy market into consideration, we have absorbed advanced technique and brought it into the pellet making field.
There are two types of flat die pellet mills: die driven pellet mill and roller driven pellet mill, briefly called D-type pellet mill and R-type pellet mill. Both of them have a flat die which is horizontal with a series of rollers above it.


What is Die Driven Pellet Mill?
Die driven pellet mill is a kind of flat die design pellet machine, which is basically a standard version that has stationary rollers and a rotating flat die. It is more suitable for processing sawdust, also ideal for making pellets from straw, peanut shell, stalk, pine wood, alfalfa, bamboo waste, bagasse, etc. D-type pellet mill is chosen by most starters for residential or individual use.
What is Roller Driven Pellet Mill?
Roller driven pellet mill is also flat die design pelletizing machine. Unlike die driven pellet mill, this kind pellet mill has a stationary die with rotating rollers. It is more suitable for processing hardwood like cypress, elm tree, hickory, oak, birch, etc. The service life of rotating roller pellet mill is longer than the traditional design. Therefore, R-type pellet mill is the right choice for the customers who have made pellets before or have a strict requirements of final pellets and flexible budget.
How to Distinguish and Choose from Them?
Difference in Structure
For the R-type pellet mill, the scraper blade beside the rollers ensure the even distribution and compression of raw materials.

D-type Pellet Mill  R-type Pellet Mill



Difference in Working Principle
* Working principle of die driven pellet mill
In the D-type pellet mill, the main shaft and flat die are driven by gear to rotate. Under the effect of friction, the rollers are driven to revolve on its own axis. Then the pulverized materials are pressed into the holes of flat die by rollers. And a series of knives on the other side of the flat die cut the emerged pellets into the same pre-settled length.
* Work principle of roller driven pellet mill
When making pellets with roller driven pellet mill, the die is totally stationary, while the rollers are rotating and revolving on its own axis. The great pressure between the flat die and rollers will press the crushed materials through the holes in the pellet die. Then smooth and dense pellets will be cut into uniform length and extruded out of the pellet machine.

Rotating Die Pellet Mill Rotating Roller Pellet mill



Difference in Price
Though both types of pellet mills are competent of making quality pellets, D-type pellet mill is cheaper than R-type pellet mill with the same configuration (capacity, power, etc.). Because the R-type pellet mill has smarter design of pelletizing process and a better gearbox.