Giant King Grass Pellet Mill

Giant King Grass—a high yield, dedicated energy crop—is the cheapest green, low carbon and renewable alternative to coal to generate electricity and heat. It is perennial and can be harvested several times per year. Its energy content is excellent at 7900 BTU per bone dry pound (4400 kcal per kilogram or 18.4 MJ per kilogram). As a result, these competitive characteristics of giant king grass offer material productivity benefits and lower the cost of biomass feedstock for energy production. Experiments show that the optimal form of giant king grass is pellet. With Giant King Grass Pellet Machine, pelletizing is an easy thing.


Giant King Grass Energy Analysis

Proximate Analysis Unit Sun Dried
As Received
Giant King Grass
Bone Dry
Total Moisture % 14 0
Volatile Matter % 65.68 76.37
Ash Content % 3.59 4.17
Fixed Carbon % 16.74 19.46
Total Sulfur % 0.11 0.13
HHV MJ/Kg 15.85 18.43
LHV MJ/Kg 14.52

Giant King Grass Pellet Machine
Giant King Grass pellet mill is renewable energy machinery which can transform giant king grass into biomass fuel pellets. This kind of machine is designed with flat die, featured by compact structure, flexible body, superior quality and powerful processing capacity, mainly favored by small-scale pellet plants, farmers or individuals. We offer you two kinds of hot sale giant grass pellet mills, one is driven by electric engine, and the other one is driven by diesel engine. Or you can customize the capacity you need.

Model Power Engine Wood Pellet Capacity Feed Pellet Capacity Dimension
WHIR-230 11kw Electric motor 150-190kg/h 300-400kg/h 1440*470*970mm
WHIR-230A 22hp Diesel engine 150-190kg/h 300-400kg/h 1180*560*950mm


Electric Giant King Grass Pellet Machine Diesel Giant King Grass Pellet Machine

How to Make Giant King Grass Pellets?


Crushing – Drying – Pelletizing – Cooling – Packing/Bagging
1. Crush the Giant King Grass into powder with the diameter of less than 3mm by hammer mill.
2. Before pelletizing, the moisture content of material plays an important role. Too high or too low will affect the quality of final pellets. The proper moisture content is about 12%-15%.
3. Pelletizing with a Giant King Grass pellet mill.
4. After pelletizing, the pellet temperature is high, cooling the products is necessary. Free cooling or with a rotary drum dryer.
5. Store the final pellets in a silo or pack them into bags.
Compare Giant King Grass Yield to Corn Stover & Miscanthus

Yield Dry Matter Giant King Grass Corn Stover Miscanthus
US ton/acre 44 3.5-4.7 14-18
Metric ton/ha 100 8.6-11.6 30-40

Notes:Giant King Grass has 10 times the yield per acre compared to corn stover. Due to the different growth environment, the above comparison isn’t entirely apples to apples. However, the advantage of Giant King Grass is obvious.
Coal Compared to Giant King Grass Pellets

Fuel Density
% dry matter
% dry matter
% dry matter
% dry matter
Coal 850 10-15 24 12 13 0.35 0.01
Giant King Grass Pellets 600 8.8 15.6 5.1 0.79 0.20 0.03

Notes: Above data shows that Giant King Grass pellets have higher energy density and lower nitrogen, sulfur and chlorine content than coal.


Giant King Grass Pellets Costs
1. Feedstock cost
-The cost of growing giant king grass is low because of its extremely high yield.
2. Pelletizing cost
-Capital equipment. Whirlston Machinery has competitive price, Giant King Grass pellet mill will be your optimal choice.
-Electricity cost, Giant King Grass pellet mill has one small electric motor, less electricity cost. We also supply diesel pellet mill, which can be operated in places where electricity can be in short supply.
-Labor cost, featured with small size and simple structure, Giant King Grass pellet mill can be easily operated by one people.
3. Transportation cost
-After pelletizing, the density is increased greatly, which makes the pellets easy to be transported and stored for a longer time. Besides, you can make pellets at home, less transportation costs.