• 120A-Flat-Die-Pellet-Mill

120A Household Pellet Mill

As the smallest model of diesel pellet mills,120A pellet mill is very convenient to move around. Proper for small scale pellet production at home, on the farm, in the yard or outside in the open air.

  • 230A-Flat-Die-Pellet-Mill

230A Diesel Pellet Mill

Diesel pellet mill is the best choice for lowering the cost on energy consumption when pelletizing. WHIR-230A diesel pellet mill stands out due to its low energy consumption and easy operation.

  • 200A-Flat-Die-Pellet-Machine

200A Farm Use Pellet Mill

Looking for a small flat die pellet mill for home or farm use? Our mini pellet mill is your best choice! It is suitable for small to medium scale production of wood pellets, feed pellets and fertilizer pellets.

  • 150A-Flat-Die-Pellet-Mill

150A D-type Pellet Mill

Powered by diesel engine, WHIR-150A pellet mill can be used everywhere without the limit of working place, especially popular for areas with shortage supply of electricity.

  • 150-Electric-Flat-Die-Pellet-Mill

120 Mini Electric Pellet Mill

Flat die pellet mill is more suitable for home use or small-scale pellets production plant. Simple operation, easy maintenance, small space occupation and competitive price.

  • 400A-Flat-Die-Pellet-Mill

400A Small Industrial Pellet Mill

As the largest diesel pellet mill, WHIR-400A pellet mill can be used for both small industrial fuel pellets production and large feed pellets production. Low investment but high profit return.

  • 360A-Flat-Die-Pellet-Mill

360A R-type Pellet Mill

Designed with rotating rollers and stationary pellet die, WHIR-360A pellet mill is the right choice for the customers who have a strict requirements of final pellets and flexible budget.

  • 260A-Flat-Die-Wood-Pellet-Mill

260A Straw Pellet Mill

Besides the agricultural straws, other biomass materials can also be processed in our straw pellet mill. Get the small straw pellet making machine at competitive price now!

  • 260-flat-die-pellet-mill

260 Portable Pellet Press

Looking for top-ranking pellet making machine online? WHIR-260 portable flat die pellet mill provides you a best pelletizing solution. Get the high quality pellet machine with incredible price.

  • 230-Electric-Flat-Die-Pellet-Mill

230 Die-turned Pellet Machine

This D-type electric pellet mill is ideal equipment for making both feed pellets and wood pellets, widely used in farms, individual families or small scale pellet plants.

  • 200-flat-die-pellet-mill

200 Electric Motor Pellet Mill

Electric flat die pellet making machine is widely used for making wood pellets for home heating and animal pellets for livestock feeding. High efficiency output, competitive price.

  • 150-Electric-Flat-Die-Pellet-Mill

150 Flat Die Pellet Press

Our flat die pellet mill is available to make fuel pellets for home heating and feed pellets for animal feeding. With superior quality, WHIR-150 electric pellet mill can provide you a superior pelletizing solution.

  • PH-300-mobile-pellet-plant

PH-300 Mobile Pellet Plant

This mobile pellet plant is a new type pellet making line, which is the optimal choice for small to medium sized pellet production for individual use or farms.

  • 500KGH-Wood-Pellet-Plant

500kg/h Wood Pellet Plant

Looking for small mobile pellet plant? We customize small capacity mobile pellet plant for home use and small industrial production. With flat die pellet mill design, less land occupancy and competitive price.

  • 400-electric-flat-die-pellet-mill

400 Multi-functional Pellet Mill

Designed with three rotating rollers, multi-functional WHIR-400 pellet mill is applicable to make fuel pellet, feed pellets and organic fertilizer pellets for small industrial pellet production. Enjoy making pellets with low cost!

  • 360-Roller-Driven-Pellet-Mill

360 Roller Driven Pellet Mill

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  • PH-250-Combined-Pellet-Plant

PH-250 Combined Pellet Plant

Integrating the functions of crushing and pelletizing, this small all-in-one pellet plant is a multi-functional pelletizing plant. Electric motor and diesel engine for your choice.

  • MFS400-wood-crusher

MFS400 Wood Crusher

Wood crusher is ideal for chipping and grinding wood and stalk materials into wood powder for pelletizing. The small size, low energy consumption and high productivity of wood crusher make the movable production available.

  • PH-200-Simplest-Pellet-Plant

PH-200 Movable Pellet Plant

Consist of hammer mill, pellet mill and cyclone, PH-200 movable pellet plant is the smallest and simplest pelletizing plant. It is suitable for home use, small farms and small pellet plants.

  • MH320-hammer-mill

HM320 Hammer Mill

Employed a rain of hammers, hammer mill is popular in crushing a wide range of materials into powder. Both coarse and fine grinding can be realized through adjusting the gap between hammers and screen.

  • HM400-wood-hammer-mill

HM400 Hammer Mill

WHIR-HM400 hammer mill is widely used for processing both biomass materials and grain products, prepare for making biomass pellets and feed pellets.

  • HM500-wood-hammer-mill

HM500 Wood Hammer Mill

A hammer mill is widely used for grinding, pulverizing, and crushing a wide range of materials into smaller size. Wood hammer mill with customized screen is provided here.

  • MFS600-wood-crusher

MFS600 Wood Crusher

Integrating wood materials chipping and grinding, multifunctional WHIR-MFS600 wood crusher is the ideal equipment for pre-processing raw materials before pelletizing.



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